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Deus is a lifestyle brand with stores located in Australia, New Zealand, Bali and as of a couple a months ago: Venice Beach, California. However, the Canngu Bali location I recently visited (appropriately named “Temple of Enthusiasm”) is something in and of itself …

Part curated store, art gallery, artist space and garage  (where they deconstruct vintage motorbikes then powder coat and rework them into mint condition) Deus Canngu is a creative commune of sorts. One building is a pristine white photo studio, opposite that there’s a shaping bay and at the front of it all, a Thai food restaurant and a bar.  With comfy couches amidst all this good stuff and the Balinese lushness that abounds, it’s easy to see how this place has quickly become the local go to spot for getting together with like-minded friends.

“Deus Ex Machina” is hard to define because it’s not just one thing.  I think Dare Jennings, the Australian creator of Mambo, must have conceived his love child of a brand with this concept in mind but unlike the many places that try to do: “lifestyle”, he’s one of the few that not only succeeded in doing it right; in the process he also created his own cultural hub.

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