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Shanghai places curated by Julie Liu.

Favorite Hot Pot:  “Kuo Bee Pen Da”, Taiwanese hot pot where you can mix your own sauces.
Favorite Dumpling Spot:  “Ding Tai Fung”, always consistent, always good.
Hidden Gem: “Southern Barbarian” for Yunnan food; the best fried goat cheese, spicy mint salad and wild mushrooms.
Best City View: “Park Hyatt Shanghai”, for afternoon tea.
Favorite Traditional Shanghainese Restaurant: “Jessie”, order the fish head in advance, it’s baked under a mountain of scallions and is divine.
Best City Escape: Midnight bike rides around the French Concession
Best Place To Buy Something: “Spin” for ceramics, “Cha Mi” for quality tea.
Favorite Hang Out Spot: “The Grumpy Pig”, I’m partial to this because this is Vinh’s place, but I’ve spent many afternoons and evenings here with friends. The atrium is lovely, the drinks tasty, and the pork focused food is pure comfort.

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