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spanish bombs


My friend Rick happened to be in Del Mar the same weekend I was in La Jolla, so we spent the afternoon catching up at Swamis. One of the things I shared with him was that I had met Kelly Slater in person while I was at Saturdays Surf NYC; Kelly was in New York after his 10th world championship. In return, Rick told me about his first run in with Kelly. A bit more meaningful than mine, his story went like this.

He was free surfing at Sebastian Inlet, Florida before his PSAA tour event. Out in the water with him was Mike Lambresi, the US surfing champion at the time. The two of them were at a spot called “Spanish House”; Kelly was surfing the next bank up. Rick said he remembers seeing Kelly catch a little running left that was moving away from them. Next thing they knew, Kelly was flying down the line, then out of nowhere he threw up a big rotating air … nearly pulling it off.

“Watching it was ridiculous” Rick said, “Kelly must have been about 15 years old at the time; no one was doing that stuff back then”. He said he remembered looking at Mike and saying: “as soon as Kelly starts landing those, our careers are over”, and that Mike chuckled and agreed. As they say, the rest is history.  I learned two new surf things from Rick that day: one, what a “10-point rotator” is, and two, that throwing 10-point rotators started a LONG time ago …
Photos courtesy of Nick Edwards

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People | Zhang Xi

material girl


I met Zhang Xi through friends at a MOCA opening in Shanghai. Chinese born but schooled in Switzerland, Zhang is a Shanghai based architect that runs her firm: EXH Design, alongside her Swiss architect husband. Staring at the great oversized clutch she was carrying that night, I also found out she designs for her own accessories line: Plore, a second company that she started with a friend.

Since I have a secret love for finding unknown bags and a passion for the ones that are stealthly functional — my idea of an “IT bag”— I asked her about it. Turns out in ancient China, they used silk for their sails because of its durability. Zhang told me she was inspired by the lesser known functionality of the material and went on to design her line as a modern interpretation of its moxie and style.

Her bag was a marriage between a Celine or Comme de Garçon zipper clutch and an Incase. Elegant and simple. What good design should be but sometimes gets caught up in itself and forgets to do. One of the better work-to-evening bags I have seen.

Photos courtesy of Zhang Xi

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